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This is a place for writing about art.

the subMachine is an archive of reviews, articles and general musings. Some of the writing has been published on various websites, and where that is the case there will be links to those sites in the post.

The name subMachine refers to rhizomic behaviours, which is an idea taken from biology and the acentred root system of some plants. Underneath the obvious surface level of the visible there lies interrelating connections that appear to chaotically and haphazardly emerge above the surface at various points, shooting up like new growth. The writing on this site is looking to illuminate the hidden links in the work of other artists and also to strengthen the rhizomic connection of arts practitioners, a networked community of underground roots that throws art up above the surface.

Any meaning derived from art lies squarely in the mind and central nervous system of the person experiencing it and as such, the thoughts expressed in art reviews are entirely derived by the writer’s own experience at any given exhibition, coupled with the historical baggage they bring to that occasion. In the end, you should always trust only your own experiences.

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